Wall Street Has a New Parlor Game Called ‘China’

Competing theories to explain the yuan's slide lead market commentary. by Robert Burgess @burgessansmMore stories by Robert Burgess ‎27‎ ‎juin‎ ‎2018‎ ‎16‎:‎35 The Yuan is down because ... Photographer: Xaume Olleros/Bloomberg What’s going on in China’s markets? Two theories have emerged to explain the big drop in the country’s currency, the yuan, in recent weeks.…
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China auto show highlights industry’s electric ambitions

In this April 19, 2018, photo, visitors look at the Infiniti electric concept sedan at a showroom ahead of the Auto China 2018 to be held in Beijing, China. Auto China 2018, the biggest global auto show of the year, showcases China’s ambitions to become a leader in electric cars and the industry’s multibillion-dollar scramble…
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WHAT CHINA WANTS As China becomes, again, the world's largest economy, it wants the respect it enjoyed in centuries past. But it does not know how to achieve or deserve it MATTHEW BOULTON, James Watt’s partner in the development of the steam engine and one of the 18th century’s greatest industrialists, was in no doubt…
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