Quality Control

A proven inspection system

quality-control-china-asia-middle-1With the support of Giolong's proven inspection system, you can lower your procurement costs while ensuring quality control of your supply chain, according to your needs and specifications. You will be able to see production problems arise as they happen, and will be in a position to immediately correct the situation.

Giolong also acts as your eyes in the field in Asia and among China business. Our quality control program ensures that quality standards are respected throughout the production process, from the initial stage to the shipping of merchandise.


Once the audits are completed, an exclusive supplier is mandated with the production of your product. Then, according to your specifications, Giolong supervises the production of a sample as well as a counter sample, as needed, for approval before the start of production.

Initial production check (IPC)

Giolong's experienced engineers and technicians work with the production team and inspect the assembly line and the first articles produced, before mass production begins. This precaution allows for a verification of compliance with your criteria, and avoids losses and modifications during production.

During production check (DUPRO)

The inspection during production allows for identification of all problems happening during the manufacturing round. Directly from the assembly line, Giolong selects again new samples and verifies that the product still meets all established criteria.

A complete report is then sent to you, with photos, analysis and recommendations, to show you the status of your job and to bring corrections if necessary.

Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)

This crucial step represents the last opportunity to bring corrections to the production, as needed, before the merchandise is shipped to Canada. As part of this step, before the end of the manufacturing round, Giolong again selects finished samples and verifies, on a case-by-case basis, its functionality, performance, appearance, dimensions, etc. We also inspect the wrapping, the preparation and the inscriptions.

All our inspections are carried out according to internationally recognized statistical sampling standards.

Laboratory tests

For many years, Giolong has offered clients a complementary service of laboratory testing, working with internationally recognized scientific partners established in China and elsewhere in Asia.

Using samples taken from production of goods from wholesale China being supervised by Giolong, different testing, from different sectors of activity, is sometimes carried out, to meet certification and in order to:

  • ensure the materials being used meet our criteria
  • ensure the products produced are compliant with local norms and regulations
  • protect your clients and your reputation


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