About Giolong International

Partner in your international development

We help businesses buy in China

Founded in 1995 by two Canadians, Giolong International specializes in global sourcing, audit, and quality control for international procurement activities, focusing on China and Asia.

Giolong maintains a permanent presence in Asia and in North America, with nearly one hundred employees, including several expert consultants, engineers, MBAs and CPAs, working in our offices in Montréal, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City and Bangkok.

For 20 years we have been helping businesses who buy in China or elsewhere in Asia to build a better supply chain and be more competitive on a worldwide scale. Our clients, the executive and management of mid-size and large companies operating in manufacturing and distribution, take advantage of our expertise to execute their international procurement plans successfully.


Giolong's expertise ensures:

  • a marked reduction in your manufacturing procurement costs
  • a complementary procurement staff, onsite permanently and experienced in China trade and Asian affairs
  • rigorous onsite sourcing, in Asia. Identification and evaluation of suppliers from China and elsewhere. Factory audit with report. Sourcing and audits (China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam)
  • a quality product from an exclusive supplier with whom you stay in direct contact
  • elimination of third party, agent or broker fees
  • a negotiation in person on best quality/price ratio
  • certification, evaluation of samples and counter samples, as needed, according to your needs
  • quality control, with reports on acceptance quantity level (AQL) and non-compliance (NCR)
  • a range of certified inspections, including initial production check (IPC), during production inspection (DUPRO), and pre-shipment inspection (PSI)
  • reliable and secure procurement with the selection and management of the most competent and reasonably-priced manufacturers and/or suppliers
  • regular visits from your Asian account director

A formula developed and tested over 20 years means:

  • Giolong does not receive any financial or material compensation from suppliers in China or elsewhere. This allows us to remain completely independent and unbiased. We work in Asia for our Canadian clients, taking care to maintain complete transparency.
  • Giolong eliminates all agency, reseller, broker or other third party fees which may occur when doing business in China or elsewhere.
  • Giolong hires, and continually updates the training of, locally-based employees in Canada and in Asia. All employees are managed by a management team in Canada (as opposed to a network of partners, affiliated partners or local subcontractors).
  • Our formula means we can help companies who are already established in Asia, engaging China business, as well as those who are starting out in the region.
  • Giolong has invested in a secure international software, which is continually updated and highly efficient. The ERP system allows us to take advantage of synergies of management and to protect the confidentiality of information in client files.